Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sayang I

Maybe the rain is our tears during our cloudiest hours and the thunder and lightning are sounds of our heart breaking

Inspirasi untuk menulis sebuah cerita cinta datang dari orang yang pernah bercinta . Cinta itu bukan mainan perasaan ataupun jiwa tetapi ia lumrah manusia biasa yang ghairah mencari kebahagiaan dunia .Disebabkan blog ini takda orang pun baca it is like my journal for myself lah . I just want to say . I miss you sayang hahaha . Sayang is a typical word we used it seems we start talking heart to heart atoto hahaha . Hampir 2 minggu dah we're apart . Duration about an hour from my place to yours doesnt mattter , but doubt do . I dont know kenapalah tersangat risau . Bukan risau apa , cuma bila you ada depan mata I rasa lagi tenang . Friday in the afternoon I was travelled to KL by ktm alone haha even it was my first time I just try and put a faith into my action . Niat hanya nak jumpa you for a while and spent time with you . Sampai sampai I dah nampak you but I saja je buat buat call you and I tak dapat lupakan how happy am I to see you that day . It was a first time we met after a week . I spent the whole day wth you , watching movie , lunch and dinner , shopping layan karenah you haha it was my hobby dari dulu . Kalau tak nanti dia merajuk haha . Yaa seriously to be honest I was very happy on that day . sayang , I sayangg you sangat sangat tahu tak . At night before nak balik it was the saddest moment  dah kena terpisah . I felt days like a seconds when with you and hours like a months when we're apart. But , I still feel so happy sayang .  after we met , we already managed and tried to biasakan dengan situasi nie . Biasalah permulaan memang menyakitkan apabila permulaan itu bermula dengan perpisahan . Sayang , it was not a burden to take care of you but it was one of responsibility . I just want you to be halal for me In Shaa Allah . You taught me how to be a loyal person far away from my past .  One day , I saw an old couple walking together and seems they're enjoying their life even their ages getting older day by day . When I asked how they managed to stay together since they're teenagers . He said "We were born in a time where if something was broke , we fixed it not throw it away" .I saw the same thing but in a different types . it is in a picture haha . Maybe semua org tua cakap ceggitu . Well said from someone who knows how to walk first than me . I hope we can fix all the problems that comes in our life . I love you so much Nur Farhanah binti Mohd Jamil .