Saturday, 6 December 2014

To dearest one in my life

I still miss those days.That, hours of chatting.Fighting over little things.Late night talks.Sharing secrets.Weird dreams .“Being possessive” Attitudes.Waiting for your texts.Watching your pics and texts over and over.Smiling for no reason and made me feel that I'm crazy.Trusting you is must .Your hugs and kisses.Your innocent wishes.
And, now just having.Blank inbox.No more “I love you”.Hours of loneliness.Unshared emotions.Late night cries.Heartbreaking secrets.Shattered dreams.Deleted memories.Fake smiles.Broken trust.devious heartaches.I don't know why I Am still waiting for you.I know who you are I know you sayang, cause I know sky doesn't always blue, when the thunder comes the world become dark but only the one who never give up will waiting for the rainbow after the rain stop. InsyaAllah , Put our faith on Allah. How sweet we are MasyaAllah.